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School Management System

Today, schools face a lot of challenges on a daily basis just to operate the daily administration. Processes like declaration of results, data management, fees collection, timetable management, attendance management of both staff and students. Manual work takes a lot of time, energy and resources. Such things can now be done easily in School Management System. The challenges faced by educational institutions to manage the day to day running of the school are immense and that is why it has become imperative that every school should have a management software to increase efficiency and reduce time and effort.


Staff Management-:
Manage staff, set menu rights for staff, staff login facility and assign batches to staff.
Student Management-:
Student registration, enrol students ,create their ID cards ,manage payments and student login. Students can check their marks/results and download study material related to their subjects or class.
Class Management-:
Provide functionality to manage classes, add sections and assign teachers and subjects to the classes,you can also generate automated Roll no of students.
Attendance Management-:
Teachers can take attendance of students based on batches and can also edit students attendance and students can check their attendance on daily basis.
Automated Timetable-:
In early days, time table scheduling was done manually with a single person or some group involved in task of scheduling it with their hands which take lot of effort and time.With the help of this software you can generate timetable automatically in a couple of seconds.
Report Cards-:
Provides functionality to manage report cards of the students.
Enquiry Management-:
Manage enquiries, follow up enquiries, process admission, check all the reports.
Expense Management-:
Manage everyday expense and check expense report.
SMS Management-:
Send Welcome SMS to students & staff and send fee submit SMS, to students.
Teachers can upload study material for students and students or parents can download these study materials.
Generate Reports for Students ,Enrolments ,Payments ,Marks ,Expense,Attendance and Teachers.

Coaching Management System

Coaching and Institutions nowadays, face a lot of hassle in the daily routine of administrative work like handling data, fee collection, schedule management, examination conduction, grade declaration, attendance records and parent interaction. This results in complete disorientation and miscommunication further enhancing the already present woes. But coaching classes still prefer the traditional method of administrative work even though there have been many introductions to ease their work. The Coaching Management System is one such tool which enables the coaching classes to efficiently and easily handle their management tasks so that they increase their productivity in the right areas.


Staff Management-:
Manage staff, set menu rights for staff, staff login facility and assign batches to staff.
Student Management-:
Student registration, student import by excel, student's branch-standard-course assign, status reports and assign courses to the student.
Batch Management-:
Keeping track of classes which are currently going on or in the future and assign courses to the batches.
Attendance Management-:
Staff can make batch wise attendance, edit attendance and students can check their attendance.
Inquiry Management-:
Manage inquiries, follow up inquiries, process admission, check all the reports.
Fee Management-:
Manage student Fee, Generate fee receipts, manage discount, manage fee instalment, check total pending fees, fee reports.
Expense Management-:
Manage everyday expense and check expense report.
SMS Management-:
Send Welcome SMS to students & staff and send fee submit SMS, to students.

Lead Management System

Lead Management refers to the process of managing leads, constantly and equally.But that is the old-school approach. The modern day lead management software does much more than just managing the leads. In fact, it impacts sales directly, by integrating sales and marketing together. The new definition of lead management would read something like this 'Lead management is the process of capturing leads, tracking their activities and behaviour, qualifying them, giving them constant attention to make them sales-ready, and then passing them on to the sales team'. Lead management software is a particular aspect of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality that companies should consider in order to upgrade their marketing and sales toolkits if they want to grow their businesses in the digital age.


Generate Leads / Importing Leads-:
Leads can be imported through several methods including a New Lead entry form, excel spread sheet or through a Web POST.
Leads can be assigned pre-defined statuses' that directly relate to where they are in the Sales life-cycle. (Ex: Assigned, Awaiting, Dead Lead, Etc.)
Following up on leads is one of the most important steps for a sales representative. Easily set call-backs and tasks with reminders.
Efficient Lead Management-:
The Tool you need to manage your business.
Bulk Emails and SMS-:
Provides functionality to send Bulk Emails to the Customers for Promotions and Offers.
View sales reports to measure sales performance. Track lead vendors and marketing campaign results.
Measure the effectiveness of marketing-:
This helps you to measure the effectivness of marketing from various Lead sources with the simple statistics to evaluate the overall growth.

Billing Management Systemm

Companies often use inventory management software to reduce their carrying costs. This software is used to track products and parts as they are transported from a vendor to a warehouse, between warehouses, and finally to a retail location or directly to a customer.It is a tool for organizing inventory data that before was generally stored in hard-copy form or in spreadsheets. Billing Management System (ERP) is designed to handle inventory and billing tracking as well as invoicing customers for services and products which gives you collective data of the customer order entry, satisfaction and invoices given to the customer. You can easily analyze the data which is entered into system on daily basis and one can easily measure the performance of the business.


Staff Members-:
Create staff members and manage staff permissions and control staff activity.
Products and Inventory-:
You can add products and manage inventory.
Purchase and Sales-:
The ability to record a sale against a customer and record a purchase against suppliers..
Customer Record Creation-:
A feature that enables you to summarize customers’ personal and purchase information with search filters for easy access to customer records.
Create and customize invoices-:
You can generate invoices for sales order.
Interactive Dashboard-:
With just one dashboard you can see the overall growth and performance of your business.
Generate Reports-:
You can produce a variety of reports with billing software which can assist you to track your finances. You can automate reports generation and export them.
Email Templates-:
Easily set-up pre-defined html email templates so sales can send emails based on a status.

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